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2016 NCWLL MVP's

Lakes // Plains Awards:
1st Place MVP: Allie Fischer (Bethel University)
2nd Place MVP: Becca Dysthe (St. Olaf)
Honorable Mention: Brittany Pooley (Iowa State), Cara Kaufer (St. Thomas)
1st Place MVP: Abby Ward (St. Ben's)
2nd Place MVP: Dana Stanton (St. Ben's)
Honorable Mention: Kelly Piazza (Iowa State), Britta Match (Duluth), Kendall Qualey (St. Thomas), & Betty Walter (Eau Claire)
1st Place MVP: Jennifer Koeger (Iowa State)
2nd Place MVP: Jessica Koeger (Iowa State)
Honorable Mention: Carli McWilliams (Duluth), Melissa Evans (University of Iowa), Maddie Mingo (St. Thomas), Andria Warner (St. Thomas), Jordie Luedtke (Bethel), Sydney Liebl (St. Thomas), Maggie Corman (Eau Claire), Karma Knutson (St. Olaf), Maya Gorr (St. Olaf)
1st Place MVP: Nicole Jaeger (St. Ben's) 
2nd Place MVP: Sarah Skogmo (Duluth)
Honorable Mention: Maggie Straka (Bethel), Anna Corman (Iowa State), Tiah Marr (Eau Claire), Jordy Lee (Winona State)
Coaches of the Year: Amanda Fyle & Diana Suedbeck (Bethel)
Rivers Awards:
1st Place MVP: Tasha Martin (Mankato)
2nd Place MVP: Caitlin Skari (Moorhead)
1st Place MVP: Brittany Olson (NDSU)
2nd Place MVP: Sarah Kochanek (Carleton)
1st Place MVP: Savannah Stich (Northern Michigan)
2nd Place MVP: Clara Hobbie (Carleton)
1st Place MVP: Krista Kniefel (Mankato)
2nd Place MVP: Helen Paglia (Carleton)
Honorable Mention: Megan Koski (Mankato), Blair Osgood (Northern Michigan), Hannah Crook (Concordia).
Coach of the Year: Hannah Mothershead (Mankato)

Lakes // Plains Playoff Information

Irish Sports Dome
1301 S Robert Trail
Rosemount, MN 55068

Game 1 @ 8:00AM - Iowa State (12) vs. St. Olaf (4)
Game 2 @ 9:30AM - St. Benedict (10) vs. UW Eau Claire (5)
Game 3 @ 6:30PM - Iowa State (9) vs. St. Benedict (8)


Eden Prairie High School Dome
17185 Valley View Road
Eden Prairie, MN 55423

Game 4 @ 4:50PM - Bethel (18) vs. UW La Crosse (8)
Game 5 @ 6:30PM - St. Thomas (19) vs. UMD (5)
Game 6 @ 8:30PM - Bethel (11)vs. St. Thomas(12)


Holy Angels Academy Dome
6600 Nicollet Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55423

Championship Game @ 8:30AM - Iowa State (9) vs. St. Thomas (15)

Rivers Playoff Information

Shattuck-St Marys in Faribault

1000 Shumway Ave.
Faribault, MN 55021

Game 1: 9am MSU-Mankato (14) vs Whitewater (9)
Game 2: 11am Carleton  vs Northern Michigan
Game 3: 1pm Championship game: MSU-Mankato vs Winner of Game 2

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